Deeper healing from a trauma perspective.

At the Partnership for Trauma Recovery we believe that true healing happens when we find the courage to look at the root of the long standing patterns and difficulties we have. While learning to cope with the daily burdens of these patterns is an important skill, our philosophy is that simply learning to manage only places a bandage on the problem. In order to truly heal we have to look deeper into ourselves and try to determine where these patterns developed. The beauty in these discoveries is that in this understanding, we can work together in a partnership to start to heal from these wounds in order to move forward into a new way of approaching the world.


At the Partnership for Trauma Recovery, we also believe that the relationship between client and therapist is the single most important component of successful treatment, and we pride ourselves on the quality of relationships we have built with our clients. We approach our relationships with honesty, compassion and a lot of humor, which we feel is an essential part of healing.


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